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Goren and Eames
Appreciation Page

The finest comedy series on television, created by Rupert Holmes. (:30)
A tribute to Boston's most intriguing local program. (:30)

The adventures of America's favorite collie, from movies to radio to television. (:30)

Gary David Goldberg's nostalgic memoir of growing up in the 1950s. (:30)

The classic British comedy series, starring Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal (a.k.a. Good Neighbors) (:30)

Guilty pleasure about a young and an older doctor practicing in a rural community. (:30)

The stunning HBO miniseries about the Apollo moon missions (1:00)

The Yorkshire television series based on the K.M. Peyton trilogy, starring Christine McKenna. (1:00)

Alistair Cooke's 1972 series about the United States (1:00)

From The Wonderful World of Color, Disney's copyboy-turned-reporter--"Gallegher got the news." (1:00)

The stories of a young girl growing up in 1940s Nebraska (1:30)

The mystery movie series starring John Larroquette as a criminal defense attorney. (1:00)
The Emmy-award winning comedy series based on the works of James Thurber. (:30)
Earl Hamner Jr's family series, starring Richard Thomas, Michael Learned, and Ralph Waite. (1:00)


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